Wednesday, March 30, 2005

2005/03/07...Easter...the first get-togeter at Grandpa's new house. :) NOTE: the collage of pics was created with picasa 2. Posted by Hello

2005/03/06... all that is left is the three stumps. I might post more later...but until then this is the end of tree removal04-05 Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

2005/03/19... just after it hit the ground. Posted by Hello

2005/03/19...nocking the top off...we did this so we woldn't hit the powerline or the fence.  Posted by Hello

2005/03/19... all that's left for us to remove next Saturday :) Posted by Hello

2005/03/19... i healped him up there... Posted by Hello

2005/03/19... nice throw Ryan Posted by Hello

2005/03/19... Ryan having fun ;) Posted by Hello

2005/03/19...what a different pose :) Posted by Hello

2005/03/19... ya malcolm had to do it also. Posted by Hello

2005/03/19... i set the camera a board sticking out of the ground and set it on delay...
 Posted by Hello

2005/03/19... Daniel fakes a jump...or did he? Posted by Hello

2005/03/19... Posted by Hello

Monday, March 14, 2005

how we got the trees cut down...that is Mr. Gibas in the tree :) Posted by Hello

this is what the front yard looked like now it is just a stump. Posted by Hello

November 2004 us and the Gibas working on grandma Weavers house... the tree that we are standing on we cut up and removed on 2005/03/12 and the tree to the left we failed just before we left that day... from left to right it is: Jonathan, Marcus(right behind him), Daniel Gibas, Peter G, Mr. Gibas, Tyler G, Paul G., Tyler W, Ryan W... just a little of history. Posted by Hello

December 2004 we went and played paintball out at the Blaylocks. Posted by Hello

2005/02/14 we went to the Denver zoo Posted by Hello

3005/03/13 Ryan's violin recital group picture Posted by Hello

2005/03/12 Posted by Hello

2005/03/12 Posted by Hello

2005/03/12 Posted by Hello

2005/03/12 Posted by Hello

2005/03/06 Posted by Hello

2005/03/06 Posted by Hello