Friday, June 10, 2005

We went on a tree day prairie dog shoot and here is ryan and i on the first day. This is how we got many prairie dogs. With ryan and I having the .22's and shooting out of the two doors and grandpa driving and shooting the .17 out of the window while dad was reloading the magazines. We had a great time...many thanks to dad and grandpa. Posted by Hello

Grandpa - every night we got to play cards.  Posted by Hello

On the second day Ryan and i got some by walking arround. We probally got more when we where with the car. Posted by Hello

There is ryan enjoying the nice day.  Posted by Hello

Friday evening we got to go shoot skeet. Posted by Hello

Grandpa shot most of the prairie dogs right off of our van with his .17  Posted by Hello

We where looking for our last prairie dogs of the trip. Posted by Hello

On the last day. Posted by Hello