Friday, May 07, 2010

Up and Down

Tuesday we did this crossfit:

20 HSPU (hand stand push ups) progressions (pike pushups off an elevated surface)
25 Pullups
30 Kettlebell swings
35 Situps
40 Burpies (pushup and jumping jack)

Today we did it in reverse.

40 Burpies
35 Situps
30 Kettlebell swings
25 Pullups
20 HSPU Progressions

Tuesday I did it in 15.38 with a 1 pood(35lb) kettlebell. I went real slow through the burpies and they counted as at least a third of that time.

Today since we started with burpies I was able to power through it until I hit the pullups. After about five I was only able to do sets of one or two. Overall I still beat my time with 14.15. I chalk it up to starting with burpies though. Those things hurt.

Dad did it too, he survived and did the whole workout each time.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I will not walk for your camera!

Today Courtney started trying to walk. She would stand up and take a few steps then fall down. It was real cute but as soon as I got the camera all she wanted to do was crawl.
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Max weight day.

Today's crossfit was:

3-3-3-3-3 Front Squat.

This means that you try to set new PR's on the front squat doing five sets of three reps each. The goal is to add weight each time and set a new personal record. Once I got the weight up high enough that I couldn't clean it on my own I used the help of siblings to get it on my shoulders. Once they released it I realized that I didn't have the strength in my wrists to hold onto the bar. I haven't had it checked out yet, but just from research online I think I might have a "Jones fracture" in my right foot. Today I soaked it in ice and hot water, alternating every 15min for 3hrs.

Tyler 45-95-145(PR)-165(f)-155(f)

Monday, May 03, 2010

New toys for Crossfit.

I discovered a local supplier of crossfit equipment in the industrial park near I70 and Havana, Rage Fitness Supply. I drove down there and picked up four kettlebells and a medicine ball. They supply everything crossfit and manufacture the medicine balls. This allowed me to get some of the equipment I wanted without paying for shipping. Tomorrow we are going to work kettlebells and the medicine ball in.
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