Thursday, June 26, 2008

I know this is early... and maybe stupid

I was thinking it would be cool to arrange a piece for orchestra. Any suggestions? Honestly, I only have a relatively basic understanding of music theory that is why I am starting now. I was thinking this would be a great project to learn new things on. With that said... what midi/composer programs do you use? I have one that I can do stuff in guitar tabs... but I know I need something better. I've been listening to a lot of Christmas music recently... is it wrong to copy an intro or something I like from another orchestra or group? If I change the key and instruments is that ok? I haven't decided on a song yet... but I'll be looking for one we haven't done... one that is either very melodic or very rythmec in nature. I'll probably be going for a real "clean" sound. Something relatively short also. Maybe this is just another one of my stupid ideas. I'm looking for suggestions and imput...

I know what you are thinking... you get a break from orchestra for a few months and you are doing what?

I was listening to some "Christmas" music recently that had comon melodies in it but it had some odd singing... is it posible to have a "lead instrument" that plays real high and plays the "vocals"? Let me clarify... it wasn't singing it was more like a vocal instrument... I don't know how to describe it but it made for an interesting sound.


A good day to be a gun owner!

Unless you haven't heard... the US Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment is a Individual Right and that the DC handgun ban is unconstitutional. Based on this ruling other gun bans will be challenged soon in areas such as Chicago and California.

It is such a breath of fresh air when the court does what it was established to do... READ THE CONSTITUTION.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Range Report

For Pictures of our shooting outing go to Steven's Blog.

The rifle did GREAT. With factory ammo (federal ammo with sieara matchking 168g HP) I shot under 1in at 100 yards. At shooting out at the target on the fence(230 yards) I found out how bad my shooting skills are. I was shooting maybe 5in two shot groups. That scope makes my Burris seam like a cheep scope. I will defiantly be practicing with this rifle allot and maybe take it deer hunting.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Queer Shirts for the Gayzette Guy

I sold a case of screen printed shirts off of an add on craigslist to the Denver Gazette. When I delivered them to him he said the shirts were for a gay pride event tomorrow in down town. I'll take his money any day.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A new addition to my family!

Today I finally put a gun under the scope I bought a couple months ago. This rifle will work well for coyote hunting and maybe deer. I'll probably just use my 300wsm for deer but I could bring this if I want to. I have been a Savage guy and spent money on a couple Savage rifles. They are ok... but not what I was lead to believe by the Savage crowd. I figured I'd never given Remington a fair shake because of all I had heard by the Savage loving group. But since our military continues to use them I started looking into their
line of rifles.

A week ago working in Fort Collins driving around the downtown airport in a industrial park I found a small gun shop called Liberty Guns. I figured I'd just go in a look at what they had and in there I saw this gun. So I waited a week and talked to my dad and decided to get it.

The gun fires a .308 Winchester, which is the caliber used by US sniper teams since Vietnam. It is a shorter version of the 30-06 but shoots the same cal of bullet. It was originally designed as a deer hunting round. I can load anywhere from 110grain to 180 grain bullets in it, making it a very versatile round. I plan on using it against coyotes and targets.


The rifle is a Remington 700 VTR (varmit tactical rifle) - $720

The scope is a SWFA super sniper scope with flip up caps. - $350

Milldot Master - $30

Leupold rings and a Millet base - $180

Harris bipod - $70

Drag bag - $100

So before ammo this rifle cost $1450.

The rifle I was looking at buying before this one to go under that scope was a bushmaster AR15. But if you figure that the average rifle will cost you twice what the price of the gun itself that would have cost me $2500. In my experience every gun I've purchased has come to costing about twice what the gun cost before ammo.

One cool thing I discovered though is that in Fort Collins sales tax is only 3.5% :D

I'll be taking out out and shooting it this Sunday. I'll report how it shoots.