Thursday, April 29, 2010

That Guy

You know when someone is obviously quite a bit better than you at a game or sport but they still make you win. Does that anger you or is that a nice gesture? Do you see it as a rather arrogant move on their part and preventing you from understanding how the game should be played or is it kind? Do you think it is a Cristian thing to do to let others win because you decided to let them win not because they actually won? Even if no one notices?

PRs on the Back Squat

Today we did more squats, this time max weight three rep sets. I didn't do it because I was going to attempt to complete "Daniel" today with Adam but it's snowing. Now that I'm a dirty civilian I don't run in the cold. We'll probably do some sort of crossfit that can be done inside.

4 rounds of for weight
3 rep Max Back Squat
10 bench dips

Dad 45/115lb
Mom 15/40lbs

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To solve discipline issues.

I've always had the desire to be real disciplined in several areas but could never muster up the motivation or personal drive to do it. Two of these areas are memorization and exercise. While I was in the army the exercise part was taken care of for me but now that I'm home I have to do it all on my own. As far as memorization this is where I hit this, what may seam to others an obvious solution, but to me a great revelation. In order to become more disciplined I needed to find someone who I could help with the same problem. Someone who I could be mutually accountable with. If my focus was on encouraging someone else it becomes much easier to push myself. Proverbs 11:25 speaks to this Biblical principal. "The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered." In order to conquer the giant of laziness in my life and become more disciplined I need to focus on "watering" others.

As far as the exercise issue, while I was at AIT I started running distance. I found a guy who would run with me and I pushed him. This gave me the motivation to work harder myself. Now that I am home I am working to help my parents do crossfit. It has been a lot of fun, and over time, it should be a real benefit to our family.

While I have just started the crossfit with the family, I've seen some real success in memorizing. So far Steve has memorized, in KJV btw, the first two chapters of Romans and half of chapter three. I have memorized the first three chapters of James, in NASB (much easier), and just started on chapter 4. Praise God.

Day 2

Today I plan on exercising later with Ryan and then running with Rachel so I didn't do crossfit in the morning. I facilitated it and watched peoples form. Dad has real good form and goes for full range of motion. Before we started we watched videos on the clean and practiced form with the 45lb bar.

For time:
15, 12, and 9 reps of
Overhead squat

Dad(20lbs) 10.40
Mom(2.5lbs) 9.40
Daniel(10lbs) 2.04

Ran with Rachel around noon and it ended up being about a 10.30 pace for four miles. I'm going to work on running faster before we work on distance.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weaver family crossfit Day 1

As a family we have started doing crossfit in the morning. By regularly exercising and getting up early we are trying to become more disciplined. I am scaling off of the Brand X forum and backdating one week so I can see what is coming up. Right now we are using the lowest scaling and trying to get good form.

3 rounds for time of:
50ft walking lunges
20 squats
10 supermans

Tyler 5.18
Ryan 5.27
Daniel 5.42
Rachel 5.59
Mom 8.05
Dad 8.15

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Early, Early, Late

I haven't been online as much this week because our platoon has CQ. Basically I have to go downstairs and sit at a desk by the door for an hour during the night. Because of how this breaks up my sleep I have to go to be right after returning.

This is tower week, last was ground, and next week is jump week. So far we have learned to do a mass exit on the 34' tower (1 jumper a second, staggered a half second of the other door). Yesterday we did the Sling Landing Trainer, another PLF device. This medieval torture device was designed to teach you to "slip" and give you more practice on the PLF. Slipping is the act of pulling down on a set of risers to move your parachute in one direct or another. By slipping into the wind just before the ground you can really slow your self down. To simulate this we put in a harness and jump off a 12' platform where the straps are adjusted so we swing a foot or so off the ground. The pain comes from the poorly designed leg straps and the falling off the platform over and over. I was assigned to the detail of unhooking jumpers from the harness all day and only got in half of my required jumps on this hateful thing. I will probably have to finish it up tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow morning we are going to be doing the 250ft tower. Because there will not be enough time for our whole platoon to do it, there is a chance I won't. It looks like fun, but it is just one more chance to get hurt before the real thing next week.

Oh, and to compound the CQ shifts this week tower week has us on a Early, Early, Late schedule for chow. We are the first company to eat Breakfast, and Lunch, and the last to eat Dinner. This just means that the training day is the longest during this week and that we have been getting released about an hour later than last week.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Short Day, Short Day!

There was only one class we had to do today so they released us after lunch. Today we learned what to do once you are on the ground. How to unhook yourself from the parachute so it doesn't drag you along the ground and how to recover the parachute and pack it into the bag you carry for it. I'm going to take this weekend to mostly recover and prepare for next weekend. For some reason my voice is gone, probably all the yelling.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Twisting falls.

Today we stayed in the training area all day and ate MREs again. All that was on the training schedule was falling down. I've never practiced falling down so much. Pt was brutal this morning, I'm worn out. We did it in a gravel pit and it is the first time I have fallen out on an exercise here. Almost every exercise we had half the group not with the count. I think they realized how beat up we are and sort of skipped the chin ups for some reason. I did 20 all day. Yesterday we did left and right PLFs, today we did forward and back. To preform a forward or backwards plf you just twist your body to land on your side. We have some hard core guys here and we are all real beat up from this training. I am looking forward to this weekend with the hope that I will somewhat recover. Its isn't like I am worn out... there just is little or nothing left.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

MRE day.

Today instead of returning to the dfac(dining facility) we ate MRE's(meals ready to eat, meals rejected by Ethiopians, etc) for lunch. This affected the number of chin ups as we didn't pass the bars mid day. This morning after one of the "feared airborne runs", at a blistering nine minutes a mile for 3.2mi, we finished up the tower. We then ate and went into the pit to start PLF training. PLF or a parachute landing fall is all about absorbing the impact of a hard fall without hurting yourself. Most people tuck and roll when falling to avoid injury. While this may be fine in most circumstances with a parachute there is the issue of getting caught in the lines and the canopy catching wind and causing you problems. Think of it as roll, just backwards and twisting. Tomorrow will be PLF's all day. They beat you up more than anything, falling over again and again. Recon marines are real cool guys, ,and not all they are cracked up to be. They are mostly just highly trained slightly sadistic people. They are not all huge guys, or at least not as popular lore would have you believe.

Count is 260.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

First Exit

The 32 ft tower was today. That's the height of the platform we jump from. We hook a strap to the parachute harness and a zip line cable overhead. The whole point is to demonstrate proper exit of a plane and body position. It requires quite a bit of coordination and the ability to control your thoughts. I was on a detail helping with the whole thing most of the day so I only got a few a half hour from leaving. I will get to go again on this tower on Friday. Tomorrow we start the PLF, ie falling so as to not hurt yourself.

Count is 210.

Monday, April 05, 2010

110 and counting.

That is 110 chin ups since I've been here. I passed the pt test just fine. I had the fastest run time in my platoon (2mi in 12.15). Someone from fourth platoon beat me by thirty seconds or so. We are done with the first day of training and will start with the 32ft towers tomorrow morning. It doesn't look that bad, from the ground.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

10 and 10

In the foreground is some pull up bars. On these and others like it we do ten chin ups and then ten push ups each time before we go into the dfac(dining facility) for chow and each time we come into and leave the company area where we form up for formations.

To the left and right are barracks similar to the one we live in. These are the same buildings that soldiers lived in when going to airborne school in the 50s. Although they are real old the important things(washers, dryers, showers, sinks, latrines, etc) are in good working order. This is a major improvement to the barracks at Ft Gordon. Most of them, although slightly newer and better looking on the outside, have about half of the important things broken inside. They seamed much more concerned about the appearance than the actual function there. I have to say though, one thing that worked there that doesn't even exist here is central air. Even though it only worked half the time at least they had it. It is so hot and humid even inside here. I am sweating just sitting here typing this.

In the center is the smallest dfac I have seen, even smaller than the one at basic, and the only dfac at airborne school. Here they herd us through much like basic but with much better food. I don't mind it all that much, real organized but small.

In the background is one of the three 250ft towers. Starting either the end of this week or the start of next we will be practicing on these. From what I understand they hoist you up by your parachute and drop you. Most say that it isn't nearly as bad as it seams. One of our instructors was telling us that the worst of the towers is the 32ft one. There is something about being off the ground but not way up there that is fearful.

Please pray that I pay attention to detail and that I don't get injured. If all things go well I will graduate three weeks from last Friday and be home sometime that weekend.
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