Thursday, April 29, 2010

That Guy

You know when someone is obviously quite a bit better than you at a game or sport but they still make you win. Does that anger you or is that a nice gesture? Do you see it as a rather arrogant move on their part and preventing you from understanding how the game should be played or is it kind? Do you think it is a Cristian thing to do to let others win because you decided to let them win not because they actually won? Even if no one notices?


David said...

I hate it when people let me win. I like it when everybody plays their best! I think it promotes the most growth, especially if whoever is better is giving some occasional correction.

However, some people are the type where they need to win (once in a while at least) or they just quit. It all depends.

It takes sensitivity, which I don't really have, to know what to do sometimes (if you are the better player).

Tyler Weaver said...

I'm completely with you on this one David, and that's why I posed the question. I played a game with someone recently and they would make it obvious they could win every time but they would intentionally loose. I was wondering if someone had any good reasoning for this or if I was right in being irritated.

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