Saturday, March 06, 2010

Berry Half Marathon

This is my second half marathon and it was a beautiful course. Tucked back in the woods of Georgia, Berry College is comprised of buildings from two centuries ago all large enough to be capitol buildings and some as elegant. Complete with huge manicured lawns and ponds the course was all on the campus.

When we arrived the weather was bitter. At seven when we were picking up our packets it was 27 degrees. In just a tshirt and shorts it was numbing.

After a few miles I warmed up once I started sweating. Out in the fields we saw large herds of deer. They must not be hunted on campus because they seamed tame watching us run by on the road. It was a hilly course that involved a couple of miles on a gravel road so my mile splits varied a bit.

Kyle and I ran the half marathon while our other friend Jewitt ran the 10K. About three miles in the 10K veered off to the left to run back to the start on a biking path. The half came back down that path, it just entered the path where it originated up the road a bit instead of through the trees. That section on that path was one of the worst since you could see for a good three miles ahead, didn't ever seam like it would end. I kept my pace up by just looking at the ground in front of me and watching my watch.

My times were as follows:

Overall time: 1.32.43 (7.05 pace)
Previous: 1.39.02 (7.35 pace)
Mile Splits:
1: 6.09
2: 6.44
3: 6.29
4: 6.53
5: 7.20
6: 7.26
7: 7.23
8: 6.57
9: 7.03
10: 7.17
11: 7.17
12: 7.35
13: 7.20
In the men's bracket I was 23rd out of 290 that finished, 5th in my age group.

Kyle(13.1mi) overall: 1hr 54min (8.46 pace)
Jewitt(10K) overall: 53min (8.33 pace)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A brief update...

Yes, I went to church on Sunday... this is a quick shot I took while we were singing. The message was out of Genesis two. Don't really remember much... life has been crazy. We got moved into another barracks and this is my new living space. We have much less free time and it is broken up all over the day. I only have a couple more weeks in class, one week of field training then I'm off to airborne and then home. I've been having trouble finding time to memorize. After I finished chapter two of James I've sort of fallen away. Maybe after this weekend and the half marathon out of the way hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. Steve sent me a couple of good books and I'm about 2/3 of the way through the first one. I have been able to read a few pages here and there. I'll post any new developments if I have time.
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