Friday, January 20, 2006

Christmas 06

We got together with our family at grandpa and grandma White's house in Greeley. And yes we had a hilarious time. Posted by Picasa

Paintball at the Kellys

Special thanks to the Kellys for letting us play paintball on their field.
Left to Right: Ryan Weaver, Tyler Gibas, Jaren Kelly.

--tyler Posted by Picasa

Shooting w/ Sarge

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A friend of ours took us out east to a shooting range. He goes by sarge. We got to shoot all sorts of cool things like this UZI. He owns over 250 guns!


Kerry in Cambodia

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I know it is a little late but it is still funny.


Lego movies

We just started making lego videos with our digital camera. How we have been doing it is taking a bunch of stills and then compiling them to make a movie. This was our first. It took 62 frames. The link is

We are currently 280 frames into our next video. Check back for updates on that project.