Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sometimes it drizzles

These last couple of days have been in a sort of cold humid cloudy drizzly mood. But amidst the weather and the stupidity that has befallen us God is good. After being put on a different shift it turns out that we weren't just shifted shifts with our friends. Instead they moved the formerly swings to second shift(1230 to 1830) along with ours and one other class from mids. All our friends on mids got moved to third shift. And to make matters worse second shift is being moved to the old barracks because second shift now the "day" shift. And all the guys who were on days are now "first" shift and they are being moved to our awesome two man rooms in the new barracks. The best we can do is maybe a four man. Because we are in the "wrong" barracks we have formations at some of the worst times so they can keep tabs on us. Today was the first day I got to go the gym all day this week and it doesn't look like I will be able to tomorrow. We have a half marathon coming up a week from this Saturday, and we have been only able to run on the weekends. We might be making up for it a bit this weekend. We have been invited to run 20 miles and even though my room mate thinks it sounds crazy... I'm kind of excited about the opportunity. I received a box from Steve that contained a couple of books and some candy. One of the books "The Fred Factor", a short book about going to extra mile and doing your work extraordinarily. I've been reading it in the morning instead of eating breakfast because I'm still just used to two meals a day. Another part of that might just be the lack of gym time has caused my apatite to subside. Last week before all this stupidity started when I had time I finished James two and started chapter three. Because everything isn't figured out on this new shift we find ourselves in formation waiting on leadership for long periods of time. I've used this time to review it. Yesterday we took the second to last test in this course and are on the home stretch. Regardless of how stupid it gets, I am done in just a few more weeks. Even when it seams to gnawing cold won't leave, God is there.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

No Food in the Barracks

We are not allowed to bring in or store any food in the barracks. At class we get a "lunch break" but because there isn't anything open when we go to school (midnight), you are limited to the food in the vending machines. Ever since my roommate got his car we have been storing snacks in the trunk and parking it right across the street from where we leave for school each night. Yes, the Arizona green tea is mine. Everything else is his and one of his other friends.
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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Right Turning Light

Kyle brought his car up from Texas after the Christmas break, and now that he has all the official paperwork we use it to get around all the time. This is a picture of him on his 24th birthday just before we went into the gym.
How odd is this, a right had turning light? In a right hand turn only lane they have a green light for turning right. Somethings on post just don't make sense at all.
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